The Opportunity

National Museums Liverpool Trading approached us looking to create a brand that allowed them to refine their hospitality offer across all 8 of their venues. As one of the largest museum groups outside of London, this was a great opportunity to create something elegant and iconic, whilst also celebrating the diversity and individuality of their offer.


"The design aims to showcase the varied locations and offers through a ‘curated’ visual aesthetic, unifying the locations whilst showcasing the diverse offers and backdrops available. Each location – be it World Museum, Walker Art Gallery, Maritime or Lady Lever – have their own identity, and a challenge was to inform rather than complicate further with another suite of identities. A photography led aesthetic became the natural solution – food, artefacts and architecture, framed in a way that shows that individually each venue is truly unique, but together the offer is unrivalled.”

Steve Waring, Co—Founder, Ensemble


The Concept

We started the journey by exploring the venues, asking the staff and customers what was significant about their offer. So many cliches were thrown around, ‘night at the museum’ being mentioned in nearly every meeting, but we knew that there was something truly unique about the multi-venue offer, something that the local competition could not match.

As we progressed through our research and developed a clear understanding of how the NML’s service differed, it became apparent that it was through choice, expertise and desire to make the customer events the best that could be. Not only can you hire these beautiful venues, with stunning architecture from 15th century, right through to modernist, but you’re also surrounded by history and culture itself in the artefacts. Wrap all of that up with award-winning service from beginning to end, and you end up with the perfect event, designed for you and your guests. You get Hospitality Curated.



This concept drove us forward to deliver an identity that brought the diversity and range of Hosted by NML’s offer to life. Taking a snapshot of the entire portfolio and bringing it to life through a set of collages.



All the photography was commissioned specifically for the Hospitality brand, with photoshoots taking place for Architecture, Artefacts, Events and Food. And the compositions of the collages highlight the individual images coming together to synchronise into one single form — a circle, a curve, a diamond.


“The hospitality offer at NML had been running for around 5 years before we got involved, but it seems it had always been the unspoken offer. Visiting the sites, we saw not one piece of promotional material, nor were the staff able to explain the offer to us — it was clear that we needed to create a sense of pride around their service, but more importantly, we had to show how much the hospitality and the exhibitions were connected, and reliant upon each other. This led us to create a system to celebrate the service, food, architecture and artefacts and show that individually each venue is special, but collectively they offer a choice that is unbeatable"

Martin James Power, Co—Founder, Ensemble


The Future

Since the very beginning of the project, it's been clear how much the Hospitality team deserved a brand that they could be proud of and that would place them on the map both externally, but also within National Museums Liverpool. 

The response internally has been incredible and the entire NML business seems to be behind this push into a new phase of hospitality. With a great team behind it, the Hosted by National Museums Liverpool brand is surely going to go from strength to strength and the identity will continue to grow with it.